Renders a label element for a control.

The Label component must be used as a child of a Control component. It renders a <label> element and includes the necessary attributes to associate it with the control.


When using a Label inside a Control, you don't need to worry about the for attribute. Formsnap handles that for you.

	<Field {form} name="name">
	<Control let:attrs>
		<input type="text" {...attrs} />


A Label accepts all props that a standard HTML <label> element would accept along with a few additional props:

	export type LabelProps = {
	 * If `true`, Formsnap won't render the default `label` element
	 * and will expect you to spread the `labelAttrs` slot prop into
	 * a custom label element/component of your choosing.
	 * @see
	 * @defaultValue `false`
	asChild?: boolean;
	 * You can bind to this prop to receive a reference to the
	 * underling HTML element rendered for the label.
	el?: HTMLLabelElement;
} & HTMLLabelAttributes;	

Slot Props

Label provides a single slot prop, labelAttrs, which is only necessary when using the asChild prop.

	type SlotProps = {
	labelAttrs: LabelAttrs;


The following attributes are automatically applied to the element rendered by the Label component. This is also the shape of the labelAttrs slot prop when using the asChild prop.

	export type LabelAttrs = {
	/** The ID of the control, used for label association. */
	for: string;
	/** Present when a validation error exists on the field. */
	"data-fs-error": string | undefined;
	/** Used for selection during styling or otherwise */
	"data-fs-label": string;
	/** Any additional props provided to the `<Form.Label />` component */
	[key: string]: any;

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